What Chris' Clients have to say....

It is with complete confidence and assurance that I feel able to provide a reference for Chris Lee, who I have known well for some considerable time in both a sporting and business capacity. In my experience, he has proved himself to be efficient, trustworthy and extremely capable in whatever task he chooses to undertake. Our paths first crossed whilst he was running the gymnasium at Dorney Rowing Lake. Very obviously, in order to be involved with one of the world's most prestigious rowing facilities, it would have been necessary to convince a large number of international rowers, coaches and management of both his experience and ability to train athletes to a standard of fitness necessary to compete at the highest level. As an ex-Olympic athlete, having competed in Rome and Tokyo, I recognise the necessity of the professionalism that Chris is capable of providing, which in my own case has proved most rewarding despite the damage to my old bones! He has the ability to coach and train people of whatever persuasion, age and level of fitness. I am, therefore, able to provide my personal assurance of Chris's ability at all levels of management, coaching and administration.


I decided to try personal training for a different challenge to the monotony of the gym; my motivation to get fit and loose weight was waning and I needed direction. When I started training I could run for about 2 minutes on a treadmill now, a few months later, I'm preparing for a half marathon. Personal training has given me discernible results, the motivation to carry on and increased my self esteem. Would I recommend a personal trainer - yes. (A personal trainer is for life not just Christmas!)


I have been working with Chris as a Personal Trainer for almost 2 years, including most importantly, the last six months when I have been recovering from major surgery. Chris has been amazingly accommodating and supportive during that time. He has worked with me in my rehabilitation from an "exercise" point of view as well as being incredibly positive about my recovery. He has also worked with my 17 year old daughter and husband.


A big thank you Trojan. I've gained a great range of personal achievements through Trojan which have kick started me in pushing myself again, both mentally and physically. 


Chris has been my personal trainer for two years. His client base covers all age groups and abilities. When I first signed up with him I was massively overweight and very unhappy. He has completely turned my life around. I am now three stone lighter, my self-esteem and body image have improved, I am feeling good about myself and people around me have noticed the difference. Chris' training methods are intense but tailored to ensure the experience is always positive, which means you want to go back for more. A key element is that he listens and genuinely cares about helping you achieve your goals in a realistic way.

Debra - Age 55
I am conscious that in your line of work there are many competitors but I consider myself extremely fortunate to have somehow navigated the dozens of hobby jobbers and ended up with someone who really knows what they are doing. When we first worked together I challenged you to get me engaged in excercise and build in a lot of variety and you have done both of those things which led to me successfully completing the Tough Mudder challenge on Saturday something that was inconceivable when we first started together. For me this is not the end it is only the beginning and I am looking forward to working towards the next challenge with the best personal trainer out there in my camp.


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