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Chris Lee is company founder and Director. As a fitness industry professional, Chris has over 15 years experience largely leading training within the military but also offering personal training exercise programming for beginners through to post operation and rehab training.  

In the military, Chris was responsible for the training of entire regiments and indeed was lead instructor for the other instructors. He excelled in his role, getting early promotion and achieving internal recognition through the highly acclaimed “Top Student” award on his first military training course (PTI 3), and was nominated for the award again on his Advanced PTI 2.

During his 10 years as a personal trainer and 7 years running a successful sports orthotics business, Chris has gained vital skills in biomechanical analysis to identify areas of weakness. This has helped to inform his thinking and insights to become a specialist lecturer to the fitness industry lecturing on behalf of CYQ, Brooklands College and REP’s register on rehab training and other industry related courses subjects.

Chris boxing credentials:

Chris Boxed at 1(UK) ADSR and represented 212 signal squadron in the light heavy weight division, having five bouts in the qualifiers and finals of the inter regimental competition and going on to win his category for his squadron unbeaten. Shortly after this Chris qualified as an ABA coach and went on to train squadron boxing teams.

Chris has many fitness achievements to his name including Finishing in the top 150 twice in the coveted winter Tough Guy / Snowdonia Marathon (One of the three hardest in the country)/Several half Marathons /The Grizzly / Three Peaks in 24 hours twice/Attended selection for Gladiators 2008/Completed several march and shoot competitions in his military career lasting 2-3 days. 

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